Leslie Grace & Matt Sturm

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“We run Ritual Tantra, a Bay Area community of beloveds interested in exploring what it means to bring a sense of sacredness into our sexuality and into connection with one another. We offer beginner level Tantra classes and events which introduce you to the transformational potential of sexuality and show you how to put these practices into effect in your own life. Our classes touch on the philosophy of Tantra as a spiritual path, bringing in some meditation and breath work in addition to intimacy skills, movement, and sensuality. We love crafting events that are yummy and experiential, creating a playful openness and group cohesion that keeps people coming back.”
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“Tantra denies nothing; it’s not about ditching your desires and your humanity but about transforming those energies into something beautiful. It’s about integrating it all together, empowering you to be a healing force of change on the planet. Through our teachings, we invite you into full presence, to connect on a transpersonal level of love, letting yourself be vulnerable and sexy and powerful, really showing yourselves to one another in a deep way. That’s what makes it really juicy for everyone!”
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“We met at a Tantra training, were instantly smitten, and decided to bring this work to our community through Ritual. We used to be romantic partners but now we are continuing on as co-creators and co-facilitators.”

“We teach Tantra because it’s our calling, because it takes us deeper into the practice, and because we know this is something that people are deeply desiring but haven’t known where exactly to find it. We love helping people to connect with their sexuality, in a way that brings in their love and their spirit for intimacy that is truly fulfilling on all levels.”
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“There is so much misunderstanding about sex these days, and people have put all kinds of walls up between themselves and their bodies and pleasure due to trauma, shame, fear, and a simple lack of knowing what else is possible. We believe that in order to be fully expressed and happy in your life, you need to address whatever is going on for you around your sexuality.”
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Leslie: “I work with men who would like to feel more connected to their sexual energy, who are interested in a spiritual approach to sex, or who are trying to overcome performance issues that keep them and their partners from enjoying themselves more fully. Often times the work is quite interactive, playful, and sensual, inviting my clients into the place in themselves where they can really let go into it and trust their own instincts. It’s so much fun, I can’t believe I get to do this for a living! I also work with women who feel shut down around sex, whether through some kind of trauma or abuse, or just from being a woman in this modern world. Through tantric massage and the kind of emotional releases that happen, I help them to form a new relationship with their bodies and their pleasure.”

“Matt, on the other hand, does phenomenal work with couples, helping them figure out how to communicate their wants, needs, desires, and how to actually slow down, tune in, and connect on a Tantric level. He can sort of speak both of their languages and helps translate. He is also one of the only men I trust to do sexual healing work for women, as he is so completely in his heart and is such a safe and loving guy! He helps women let go of huge amounts of trauma and pain, and form a new setpoint for how the masculine can show up for them. Then it’s all about opening up into greater pleasure and possibility.”
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“We’re excited to really see Tantra and conscious sexuality beginning to thrive in the Bay Area. There are already so many sex-positive offerings in this area, a lot of people exploring what it means to be fully expressed and in their heart, and our work is taking it a step further to integrate the spiritual aspect of intimacy.”

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July 18, 2017