Kâri Michelle


“When are you happiest?”

“What I’ve found recently is that I’m happiest at my apartment. I went through this phase where I sold all my shit. I don’t have a computer or a TV or anything. I just spend time with myself, reading, reflecting, writing anything that comes to my mind. It’s so nice, especially in LA, to just get away from everything and spend that time with yourself. A lot of people don’t do that. They don’t notice that they can’t. So that’s what makes me happiest and most calm.”



“Is that phase still going on?”

“Yeah, I actually just bought a projector last week. I’m in an acting class and we were told that we need to start studying show and stuff. And since I don’t watch TV in an effort to learn I bought a projector. I just started watching a show called Riverdale. It’s really corny, it’s horrible, but I’m starting to do it for that purpose.”

“What did you learn about yourself during that time when you unplugged?”

“Oh my gosh, just that I am a lot stronger than I would ever give myself credit to be. I feel like for a lot of people including myself, whenever you feel the need to be constantly doing something, and constantly feeding yourself, maybe that’s wrong to say, but maybe you’re not as strong in who you are-”

“like you’re afraid of being still?”

“-exactly. And I found I am whole by myself. I don’t need that.”



“Was there something specific that caused you to do that?”

“Yeah, I moved a lot. I’ve been in LA for 6 years and I’ve lived in 6 different places. I recently moved into a studio, I used to have roommates. I watched this documentary about minimalism on Netflix, I’m sure you’ve heard about it-”

“What’s it called?”

“I think it’s called Minimalism. I can look it up. So I grew up in Texas where there are families with huge houses and tons of furniture, and everyone has everything they want, and every kid has a car, a Mercedes, so growing up I thought that’s what normal life was supposed to be, like things. But when I watched this documentary I realized it’s not about any of that. You can’t take any of that with you anywhere that you’re going and none of it is important. So I sold my dresser, I sold my bed, anything I could just making myself extremely light, and I’ve just found this peace and harmony in not having a whole bunch of crap.”


November 10, 2017