Mahalia Jean-Pierre


“I came out here with $500 in my pocket to follow my dream of playing music and to provide a better life for my son. He loves music, he wants to be around it. I was at a center for homeless youth and have been using their music studio. I’ve recorded 2 songs so far!”937A5729

937A5751“I was camping on the beach with my son Hawk and by the grace of God we connected with someone who helped us get a motel voucher. Having a kid put me in a position where I can ruin both of our lives, or get really serious and just make it work. I sing and I’m in a talent competition called Megastar and I can win 1 million dollars if enough people vote for me on the app.”

937A5748“How do we vote?”

“Just download the app and search for Mahalia Jean-Pierre.”


937A5732“He’s my twin, he loves music, he loves playing outside, and I love him.”937A5746


November 17, 2017