Monique Benabou

Monique-1 “When things get uncomfortable, vulnerable, or I feel out of control, my instinct is to run. I recently found my soulmate and I can’t run from him. He triggers the shit out of me and staying in the discomfort has been some of my deepest work lately. My relationship has definitely been a beautiful and forgiving playground to work on that flight response. Not sure if I’ll ever shake it or if it gets to be part of my journey all the way through.”

Monique-4“My greatest triumph is learning to befriend and love myself. For years I experienced the opposite from not just myself, but others. Learning to love myself and be my own friend set the tone for who was brought into my life and how I was treated by them.”

Monique-2“Last year something shifted. I felt it in my bones and in my cells. I noticed my brain thinking about things differently. My entire internal conversation was radically different. All the work on my inner self had started to sprout. The evolution of my music, artistry, and performance was a direct reflection of that shift. I fired all my managers and said ‘fuck this, I’m not happy and this isn’t the type of music I want to make, this isn’t who I am and this isn’t worth being away from my family for’, that’s the day I really began my journey and started advocating for myself. My goals went from top 40 to a feeling of fulfillment, worthiness and service. I stopped asking for permission to be myself.”


November 17, 2017