Isala and Salihah


I walked upon these two young women at Unplug Meditation and they were facing each other, looking each other in the eyes, and waving their hands at each other while making noises so I asked them, “What are y’all doing?”

“We’re doing a connection game because there’s been a bit of distance between us lately. We’re sisters and I’m moving so we haven’t been dealing with it. Instead, I’ve been ignoring her.”

“I thought I was ignoring you.”

“Where are you moving?”

“I’m moving to Paris. We did Paris together the first time. She was 17, I was 19. Our parents signed her over to me, I was her legal guardian, and I went to Paris with her for her first year in college. Now, this journey I’m going without her by myself. It’s always Isala and Salihah, Isala and Salihah, but not it’s just Isala. We’re so close in age, just 22 months apart. I guess that’s why we’ve been distancing ourselves.”

“I just feel sad.”

937A0403“What’s one of your favorite things about your sister?

“She’s a really caring and maternal person. She can be my best friend and my 2nd mom at the same time. The way she gives love…everyone who comes in here they talk about her. She exudes caring and love. She’s so warm.”

“You’re gonna make me cry. Give me a hug!”


July 6, 2018