Maria Luna

937A0333“I make films about social justice. I’ve always done it, since I was five you know. I would grab a bunch of friends and force them to make stuff with me. I’ve been volunteering since I was 12 so that’s how it came together for me.”

“What’s your mission with your work?”

“When we watch the news people have become statistics of numbers instead of faces.

My goal is hopefully to be able to give faces to people so we care about Syria the same way we care about France. We can focus on the things we have in common.”

“Thank you for doing that work.”

“Thank you for doing yours. It’s what we need more than anything!”

937A0339“Why do you love most in the world?”

“People, and the things that we have in common. And women, we always find places where we bond. Like women all bleed, and we keep going, and we’re stronger for that. I think what I like most about people is that when you give people the chance and space, everyone really wants to tell a story. I think that’s what I love the most. And if you’re willing to hear, that’s when you find a connection.”



July 8, 2018