Amy Gaskins


 “What is something you’re really excited about?”

“I’m very excited about connecting and being more open to flow, and that allowing me to experience a deeper appreciation and understanding. Just letting things happen organically and naturally. Opening up for friendships and connecting with people deeper and also opening up for just connecting with nature.”

937A0296And I’m excited to have the time to embrace these experiences and share them with others as well. Not having expectations. Which is good now because the summertime feels like a freer season. Just enjoying the beauty of transformation. I think that all comes through connecting with spirit, and self, and people.”


“What are you excited about?”

“I’m super excited about the exactly the same things that you’re excited about! I used to feel fearful of what would happen if I put God first in my life. Because I thought getting rid of ego is giving away everything personal in your life. But I want a wife, or to especially care about my family and community, or have personal interests.


But now I feel more at peace with putting God first and focusing on feeling good and seeing God in other people, softening my personal attachments to certain people and outcomes of what I want to happen in specific situations. And I feel better energetically, and the unfolding of my life is so beautiful right now.”

“It’s like the blooming of a super botanical flower!”

937A0299“Totally, What’s one thing that you feel ready to let go of to move even more fully into that space?”

“I need to let go of past programming and expectations of how I should be, or how somebody should be. Letting that worry go. Letting go of the mind getting in the way of my heart, because the mind has a way of stopping us from doing what we want because it seems rational, but it’s really not. It’s just a defense mechanism, kind of self-sabotaging us in a way. We feel like it’s going to protect us because we’re being rational, but it’s not. So just being in the moment, and being open, and letting my heart flow. Coming from a place of love and forgiveness. Freeing up space for things that I was reactionary to before because there was negative space within my energy field, and within my spirit, and within my body. Letting all of that go makes so much more room for light and new knowledge and reprogramming. Or not even programming, but rejuvenation on a cellular level.


So overall creating a more open space, and more heartfelt energy, and more loving energy, and more high vibrations, and sharing with others in that space. It’s a work in progress.”

“Aren’t we all. You’re doing good work here. Thank you.”937A0290


July 13, 2018