Andrew Sealy


“When I started yoga 9 years ago I couldn’t touch my toes.”


“You’re a long way from that! Was it a hard path to becoming an internationally renown yogi

“Oh yeah, I’ve been through a lot of adversity in my long 28 years of life. There’s been times when I didn’t know where I was going to get my next meal. There’s been times when I was sleeping inside my 1957 Volkswagon with no upholstery bc it was a science project with me and my stepdad and I didn’t have the money to finish the upholstery. There’s been times when I literally had to beg people for gas money to get me to my next yoga class.”


“There’s been times when I wanted to commit suicide. When I was in a deep, dark depression just from not knowing and not having direction. Being in college with so-called friends who just wanted to party and drink. The lifestyle going on around me wasn’t resonant. Nor did I want to get a normal job and party and bullshit so I could get my next Rolex, or get a cool house next to the beach with a family.


“The majority of the pain I went through and the suffering was to help me become a more resilient vessel. The light that I shine now can be as bright as it can possibly be and I still have the capacity to hold my shape.”

937A0431“We go through struggles to make us stronger. We go through challenges to help us think of all the different perspectives and also to be more aware of how deep the darkness is. If we’re more aware of how deep the darkness is, we will be more open to the light.”

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July 10, 2018