SriKala and Jesse


“The first time I saw SriKala was 9 years ago in NYC at a bookstore that’s no longer there. There were a bunch of Alex Grey paintings on the wall. A lot of India lovers were gathering together. I was with my spiritual teacher and there were men everywhere. I had never seen spiritual men. All my community was female. It was very exciting and overstimulating. Then SriKala walked in and my teacher said, ‘Oh, there’s your future husband.’ And I looked at the door and saw this very, skinny boy-man, looking like a ragamuffin. And my teacher never told me things about my romantic life. And then Sri came over and he was so detached, very similar to how he is now, very non-emotive. He completely perplexed me. I couldn’t read him. I was trying to flirt with him and didn’t know if it was working. But I was drawn to him, so I invited him to come to India.”


“When did you know you loved him?”

“The first time I heard him really speak about his spiritual experience. Hearing him talk about a higher taste was really miraculous.”


“I feel like being with Jesse is like having an amazing reflection that doesn’t let me off the hook. It’s like, ‘Are you a king now? Where did the king go?’ Which allows me to stand in that. I appreciate that pull to be more grounded on the earthly plane. I feel like she was the most difficult of all the choices that were around me at the time. Somehow I chose the divine discomfort that would catalyze the growth for me to where I am now.”937A0366


July 9, 2018