Sher Arjan Singh


“Yo! What’s up homey?”

“Oh my God! This is crazy! Do you live here now?”

“Yeah, I live here in LA now. This is the third time running into each other in the last few years. First in SF on Haight st., then in Costa Rica, and now here in Venice.”

“Oh man…this is just affirmation that I’m on the right path. I just got back from backpacking the last 6 months in India. The moment I got off the plane I knew my soul was home. No place has felt like home more than mama India! It really changed the smallest parts of me inside and out. The past 6 months were a sensory overload with the most ancient vibes and blissful moments. Learning yoga and appreciating the simple things of life. Indians love connecting with others and I will always appreciate that about their culture! We’re on this earth together, we need to connect more with one another.”

937A0633“That’s beautiful. Now that you have been transformed, what are you most excited about right now?”

“My highest excitement right now would be using this ancient yoga technology to get through my days here in the US. My patience has grown tremendously and I thank the yogis who have passed this information down so we could live in better harmony with our souls and with each other.  SAT NAM! WAHEGURU!”


July 16, 2018