Matt Ayriss and Marly Benedicto

Matt and Marly-2

“What did it feel like the first time you knew you loved her?”

“I watched her through FaceTime video. I was showing her the sunset in New York. And she closed her eyes and she breathed…and I felt the air from her breath inflate my lungs. It felt like oxygen into every pore of my body that had never been touched before.”

Matt and Marly-3“What’s one way he makes you a better person?”

“He’s constantly getting me to expand. He’s constantly bringing me to my edges and giving me a safe space to dive into something completely unknown. Sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s not, but I always have my buddy there. The amount of exploration and adventure within self in our time together has been huge. Just discovering who I am through partnership.”

Matt and Marly-1“I want the love story that we built. We burn for each other like a wildfire through the California canyons… We came into one another’s lives immediately after committing to intention and purposeful living. Soft on the path of spirituality, we molded and shaped one another through our shared experiences in tribe and travel. Every prayer, every chant, every pattern break brought us closer and closer to our authentic selves. We started to become our true selves, and less like one another. Differences in desires and expression surfaced and we were asked to face ourselves. Is our love more important than being in alignment with the self?”


July 19, 2018