Ep. 016 – Dr. Sada Simran

Ep. 016 – Dr. Sada Simran

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“My father died unexpectedly, and one of the last questions he asked me, I talked to him on the phone a few hours before he died, was ‘Was I having fun’? The answer was I wasn’t. So I took a year off and fell into a really dark depression, spent $12,000 on therapy. And then I discovered kundalini yoga, I started teaching and because no one came to my class, I would practice playing the gong.”


“I worked at this studio where all the gong masters were all men. My gong playing was very different. I began to ponder if it was because I’m a woman and most of the women didn’t play the gong. I have to bow to my father because he always told me I could do anything a boy could do. My intention was simply to bring it and see how far I could take it.”


“To know yourself is the ultimate quest, so if I feel bored I know I need to up my game. I’m a seeker. I’ve always wondered why I wasn’t a woman who could just settle. The more I can accept that that isn’t my path the happier I am.”


“My mom died a year and a half ago. I was always closer with my father than my mother. That would make the period of time after my father died rugged, simply because I did not have a really strong relationship with my mother…so finding that support for each other through that period was..uh…was really hard. Because I didn’t feel seen by my mother and I didn’t feel like she knew who I was. Until she died we were working towards breaking down story to come to places of greater healing.”


“At the end of our lives we’re looking at how well we’ve loved. We’re examining our relationship to our intimate experiences in our life. We don’t look at it. My intention is always to love more deeply. My reservation is always I don’t know who I will be if I crack myself open more and really let loose and really let that happen. There’s a liberation to it, but there’s also distrust. And that’s about relationship to spirit. How much do I really trust that everything will be okay if I let go?”

“I like to swim because they say if you spend at least 30minutes in water it balances out your emotions and I find that to be true. It’s also because it’s breath work simultaneously and if you can control your breath you can control your thoughts.”


January 25, 2018